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Rave (Energy and Mind Stimulator)
Rave is an all new energy enhancing herbal pill that will make you joyful and give you an awesome high without any side effects or hangover.
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Rave is a fun and safe way to enjoy all nighters no matter where in the world you are. Rave is an all new energy enhancing herbal pill that will make you joyful and give you an awesome high without any side effects or hangover. Rave contains a select blend of Amino Acids, Caffeine, Kava ,Citrus aurantium , Pyridoxine HCL, and Riboflavin.

Increases energy
No after effects
Perfect for all-nighters
Mind Bending
Absolutely No hangover
Natural Herbal party pill
Safe for use with alcohol
Safe & Legal
Rave is recommended for all serious party animals. The normal dosage is 1-2 pills taken with a large glass of water.

Rave is a totally natural herbal blend, legal, and a mind blowing energy booster, and is great for all rave parties or night out on the town clubbing.
If you drink, Rave can be safely taken with alcohol, and produces no harmful side effects.


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